Sewing for Fall/Winter: Inari Dress by Named

After sewing a few fitted knit dresses at the bodice with a full skirt, like my Moneta dresses or my Aldaia dress, I felt like I need to sew something different. That is why I chose to make the Inari Tee Dress by Named Clothing. Its cocoon shape and the coziness of the garment was a plus for me.

The sewing pattern comes with two variations. The first one is the dress while the second version is the crop top. Both of them have short sleeves with a rolled up sleeve effect. There are two different finishing options at the neckline. You are able to finish the neckline either using a facing or a neckband.

The full description of the Inari Sewing Pattern is here.



Like I said I made the dress version. I used a knit fabric that I had in my stash for ages. It reminds me of a sweatshirt/terry fabric and I only had 1,10m of it which was barely enough! I had bought this fabric in order to make leggings but I think that Inari dress looks way better!




My floral Inari dress was made out of a pique ponte fabric that I bought a year ago along with the Inari sewing pattern from The price was 12 pounds per meter. I purchased 2 meters of this cuteness and I am very pleased that I did manage to use it twice. I finished this dress with neckband and I used a pique black jersey fabric that I hand in my stash. These two fabrics were used before in order to make my Fraser sweatshirt by Sewaholic. You can read more about it here. It sounds like a stash busters both of my dresses, right!?


Inari Tee Dress #1

I made size 38. I had the printed version of this pattern and it lacks seam allowances. So, I had to add the s.a. As far as I know, the Inari pdf sewing patterns have seam allowances. I’m not aware of the new printed versions of this pattern do come with the s.a. included.


During the past, I have made the Inari Crop Tee pattern but thank God I always trace my patterns. Since then, I’ve changes size so I had to trace the pattern pieces again.



On to the construction now. The construction is easy and it is actually a satisfying project! I feel like I say easy for most of the projects but trust me. When I say easy project, I mean it! Easy means, easy to put together the garment, fast and clear instructions! I struggled a bit with pattern matching the whole dress because I only had 1,10m of that fabric. That way, I just managed to pattern match the body pieces of the dress and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. A thing I would like to mention is to avoid finish each side seam together. Finish them separately and press them open according to the instructions. Otherwise, the cocoon shape will change, not in a good way.

This fabric was at the end of the fabric roll. So that is the reason, the back hem of the dress is stretched out.
I looove my pattern matching at the sides of this dress!


I finished the neckline of the dress with facing. That wasn’t a great idea because the sweatshirt fabric that I chose tend to roll up to the neck. That way, I secured it by stitching it down using zic- zac stitch. I stabilized the shoulder seams by using clear elastic. Finally, I hem the dress without any alteration.


Inari Tee Dress #2

I sew this dress exactly as Inari #1. The only thing I changed was the contrasting black neckband and the cuffs.




A little thing I would like to mention is the stitches that I used. When I first worked with jersey fabric I used 1.5mm width and 1.5mm stitch length and I realized that this didn’t work for me. So after that, I start using 2mm width and 2mm stitch length and as a result, the stitches were large and maybe not as much secured/ stable stitches as they were ment to be.
At the dresses I’m showing you today, I used 2mm width and 1.5mm stitch length and I loved it! My stitches move along with my fabric without any issue and they are way more stable.

Another tip I would like to share is, use a walking foot when you are working with knits! You will not regret it. The walking foot holds gently the fabric and it the best tool you can use for pattern matching. So invest in one of these now!


I’m really pleased with my new dresses. They are comfy and easy to wear or easy to style them. My fabric choice offers warmth which is all you need these Autumn/Winter days. I may say, it is one of the best dress sewing patterns for this Fall/Winter.


Sewing pattern: Inari Tee Dress by Named Clothing

Size: 38
Fabric: Inari #1: 1,10m of a sweatshirt/terry fabric. Inari #2: 1.30m of a floral pique ponte from for 12 pounds per meter and Black pique jersey from my stash.
Alterations: None.
Total cost: I’m not sure. Both of my fabrics were from my stash.
Make another one: I would love to make an Inari Tee. But I plan to lengthen it to the bottom of the tee hits 5cm below the belly button.
Until next time,
Happy Sewing!
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