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It is that time of the year again. So #sewtogetherforsummer sewing challenge is back again! Along with these great hostesses: Monika aka @rokko.sienna, Sarah aka @sewsarahsmith and last but not least Suzy aka @sewing_in_spain. If you don’t know about what I’m talking about, learn more about this challenge here.


Last year was the year of shirtdresses so I made a beautiful and super comfy Rosa dress by Tilly and the Buttons that you can check hereThis year is the year of wrap dresses! I love watching all these amazing wrap dresses poping out!

I decided to go with Simplicity. I chose the Simlpicity 8608 sewing pattern. It does not have only dress variations but also short or culotte length option. Nice feature is these gorgeous ruffle details. In this pattern you can find all the ruffles that you need! Check these amazing flutted sleeves. I’m totally in love with them!



The pattern asks for 2.70 meters of fabric for my size. I bought 3 meters of this really beautiful floral viscose fabric with navy background for 7 euros per meter from

I felt disappointed when I realised that there wasn’t any leftover fabric for a little Ogden cami. I was hoping that I would ended up with about 0,80 meters leftover fabric to squeeze a little top. Now, I need to go back and buy more of this fabric, if it is still availiable!


According to the envelope measurements, I had to choose size 12 for my bust and size 14 for my waist and my hips. However, when I opened the sewing pattern I realised that it has 7 inch ease! Yes, you read that correct! There are 7 inches of ease! That is more than a lot for me so I chose smaller size that fits better. Size 10 for my bust and size 12 for my waist and my hips was the best choice for me.


I made view A without the ruffle detail on the neckline.

I felt like this dress is a super girly and flowy dress to add pockets so I avoided them. A thing that I regrate doing is adding length to the skirt. Even if I was sure enough that the skirt was going to be short, I afraid of lenghten it. Actually, I wasn’t sure how to handle lengthen it a curved hem. So the ended up hem length isn’t the one I would have wanted.

I would like to mention to anyone who is going to make this version that the ruffling detail on the skirt doesn’t need a lot of gathering. I missunderstood how much gathering the ruffle requires, so I gather and gather the ruffle at first more than enough to loosen up almost all of my gathers at the end. So guys, don’t do a lot of gathers.

The instuctions were very clear with a step by step sketches. My errors had mostly to do with my haste.

Finally, I would like to share my true love for the hemming method that I learned using this sewing pattern. Guys, I sew more than 5 years but this was the first time I used this method! It’s called the Narrow Hem.

Here are the steps according to this method:

All the ruffles and sleeves had 1cm hem allowance on this sewing pattern. First you should turn and press the hem about 6mm.

Prepare and press your fabric
Turn your fabric edge by 6mm and press it down

Then stitch as close to the pressed edge as you can.

To continue, trim the excess fabric from the pressed hem close to the stiches that you sew before.

To finish it, just turn the hem by 3mm, press it and stich it down.

And your beautiful Narrow Hem is finished!

I’M SO IN LOVE with it! I’m going to use this hemming method to various of upcoming projects. It is going to look very neat on almost any garment, especially those where I have to use lightwight fabrics!


I love my new dress. I would prefer it with a longer hem but..It is OK! I can still enjoy wearing it.

I’m in love with this fabric! I would love to make a short out of it (like the Flint shorts) and an Ogden cami.


Sewing pattern: Simplicity 8608 by Simplicity

Size: 10 for my bust graded to size 12 for my waist and my hips

Fabric: Floral viscose fabric in navy background from , 7 euros per meter
Alterations: I didn’t put neck ruffle detail and I also avoid adding the pockets
Total cost: ~23 euros
Make another one: I would like to try View D but propably not this summer. A culotte jumpsuit I enjoy wearing and I truly love is my New Look 6493 which I totelly recommend!
Have you made this pattern before? Do you enjoy wearing ruffles?
Until next time,
Happy sewing!!


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