Lola Coat review from SOI ebook

             Recently I finished my Lola Coat from Sew Over It! My first ever coat! Yay! I’m very pround of this make! That is the project I refferenced to at my “Getting to know me ft seamstress tag” , on the “what is your proudest make?” question!
Wearing Erin skirt and Lola coat, both from SOI

The pattern is from SOI ebook CITY BREAK “my capsule wardrobe”. This was the second pattern of the book that I made! First, I made Erin skirt which I reviewed in a previous post!

Lola coat is an unlined and relaxed, loose fitting coat without any closure in the front. However you can easily tight a belt if you prefer but I actually love that loose fitting of it. It has waterfalls in the front with which I like hugging my baby boy in order to protect him from wind. The sewing level of the pattern is intermediate. I chose to line it in order to avoid the coat being itchy.

Lining flash / Back view (the centre back seam needs a bit of a press..oops!)


The pattern requires a lot of fabric. For the long version and the size small which I made, you need 4,6 meters of 1.5 meters width of fabric (or 5.2 meters of 1.15 width of fabric). So I bought 5 meters (1.5meters wide) of a plaid wool mix fabric in brown just to be sure! I know it sounds like a lot but I didn’t want the patterns on the plaids of the fabric to be mismatched.

          Considering the cost of the fabric was 4euros/meter and was bought locally. I did such a long research in order to find the right fabric and at the same time get the better price. I was a bit afraid of using more pricey fabric just in case of something goes wrong. Like I said that was my first attempt of making outwear/coat. Furthermore, I lined the coat because the fabric is wool which means it was a bit itchy to let it alone. That way I purchased 3 meters of lining fabric in dusty pink (also 4 euros per meter).
          The pattern is in pdf so I had to print it and stuck it together. The truth is that it took me some time..the pattern is a bit huge! Haha! I would say that if you don’t like sticking pdfs together, for that pattern I suggest you go and print it in a copy shop just because it’s big.
It looks like a sheet right?
           As far as the construction of the garment is concerned, I didn’t have any problem at all. The instructions which are in step-by-step phases were very clear.
                      Regarding the lining, I cut the front sleeve panel (B) and the back sleeve panel (C). Secondly, I cut the upper side panel (D) and the lower side panel (E) as one, from the actual coat piece that I sewed up first.  The waterfalls are already lined with the main fabric.
Working on the lining
           In order to join the sleeves, I did some alterations. I shorten the lining by 3.5cm and then I turned the main fabric by 5cm. Moreover, I joined the lining to the wool fabric using 1.5cm seam allowances. At the side joint, I used 1cm seam allowances in order to avoid the lining being too tight. Concerning the hem, I turned the hem of the coat by 4cm, I shorten the lining by 10cm and I joined them together using 1,5cm seam allowances. Finally, at the centre back I used slip stitch to attach the lining there. I hope all these make sense! All the inside seams are finished using zic-zac stitch.
Close look of the right sleeve / The right waterfall panel
             Using patterned fabric for this project was a bit of a challenge! It was difficult to pattern match everything. However, I tried my best. At the pockets I decided to put the fabric on the bias because I thought that I would definitely mismatch the pattern there!
I think it’s quite pattern matched, isn’t it?
            I’m reeeaaally happy with how it turned out! It is a versatile piece which I wore a lot since I made it! It is my go to coat since then. If you are a beginner coat maker I definitely recommend it to you, you gonna love it!
Sewing Pattern: Lola coat by SOI ebook, CITY BREAK – my capsule wardrobe. The long version.
Size: Small
Alterations: I put lining.
Fabric that I used: Wool mix & lining fabric
Total cost: 32 euros. However I have a lot of leftover fabric for another project! (Actual cost / what I actual used: 25euros).

               Until next time,

Happy sewing everyone!!
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