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Hello everyone!
        With the opportunity given by Hollie from “Holle Sews” and The Seamstress Tag I would like to introduce myself and at the same time this blog to the sewing community! Shall we start?

Q1: Who are you?

       My name is Argyro. I live in Greece with my husband and our babyboy. I work as a nurse but for now I’m a stay at home mum until my little one get a bit older.
Q2: When and why did you start sewing?

       I started sewing three years ago when I needed a new hobbie and at the same time I need to do something creative with my hands. Until then, for the same reason (do something creative), I got my professional make up artist degree which was a dream of mine.
I’m a selftought sewist. I learned sewing through internet (sewing blogs, youtube), a lot  of sewing books and of course from my mistakes. I’m not an expert or something! In my spare time, I enjoy planning my wardrobe – my sewing projects and sew them. I would really like to improve my sewing skills day by day!

Q3: What is your favourite/proudest make?
        It’s something I just finished! You’re gonna learn more about it in a future post, it’s actually a “November make”. This make teached me that I should not be afraid of any pattern. It wasn’t that difficult but sometimes I think we underestimate ourselves! Well, we shouldn’t! 

Q4: What is your most disastrous make?

         I guess I have a ton of those! Haha! I should say a self drafted legging a
nd also 1-2 attempts of making hubby’s tshirt! Those necklines! ! It was sooo difficult back then to make the neckline when I didn’t know almost anything about stretch fabrics! As far as the leggings is concerned, I tried to make a pattern using a pair of jeans of mine. The fabric I used was a gorgeous ponte. They didn’t turned out the way I was expecting. For some reason they turned out too small! Just for the record, the second time I tried to make another pair of leggings using the same “technique” they turned out amazing and totally wearable!
Q5: Where is your favourite place to go for fabric shopping?
        I really enjoy going fabric shopping downtown in Athens. There is a road or two full of lovely fabric shops and great deals! I wish I could go more often but it isn’t that easy now with my little one. I also enjoy going fabric shopping locally. There is a nice shop quite close to me with great deals as well.
Q6: What is your most used pattern? 
       Easy to answear: It’s the Burda 7916 tshirt pattern for my husband! I have used it about 5-6 times..not all of those times successfully though! Haha!
Q7: Your most dreaded sewing task is…
        I don’t actually enjoy ripping false sewn thread out of a really thin knitted fabric! I feel like I’m gonna rip the fabric too. I think that is the most dreaded.

Q8: What is your favourite sewing task?

         I really enjoy everything about sewing! It’s a very calming process for me. From start to finish. If I have to choose one though that should be trying the unfinished garment for the first time. When it’s at the stage that could be worn in order to see the fitting etc. Also I love how the flat fabric become a garment! Like a magic! It’s fascinating!
Q9: What is your favourite sewing entertainment? 
       While I sew I enjoy listening to music! I put on my favourite lists and I listen to them. Occasionally I love listening to podcasts. One of my favourite who I really enjoy listening to is Katie from “insidenumber23” (that’s the name of her YouTube channel). Her voice is so calming and British and I enjoy her! Haha! I don’t prefer watching other sewers video at that time cause I cannot pay the attention I would like to, so I use to watch these kind of videos after sewing!
Q10: Printed or pdf?
        Definitely printed. I love the packaging of the printed patterns and I love having them as a collection. However, I was thinking that it could be good if the sellers should also provide the pdf versions too when you buy the printed. What do you think? I don’t know. .that was just a thought.
Q11: What sewing machine do you use?
        I use a Singer 3323. It has stretch stitches, decorative stitches and a buttonhole. I’m pretty pleased with it. I really love it. It’s my first ever sewing machine.
My lovely sewing machine
Q12: Do you have any other hobbies?
       Yes, I have. I love knitting, crocheting and cross stitching. I also enjoy making my own handmade jewelleries. Moreover, I draw/sketch – this is very helpful in planning my makes. That way I can visualize what I plan to make, check the colors and also potential combinations between the garments. Actually, I love anything creative!
These are a few crocheted accesories that I have made

If you haven’t take part at the seamstress tag yet, count yourselves taged!

Thank you Hollie for your great idea. I really enjoyed answering these questions and under this opportunity I would like to introduce this blog.

      As far as this blog is concerned is going to be mostly my sewing diary. I’m going to put sewing goals every month and try to achieve them! Moreover, I’m going to review sewing related things, sewing patterns and sharing my opinion about them. However, occasionally I would also like to share not only my crocheted, knitted and cross stitched projects but also my handmade jewelleries!
I’m looking forward to share my projects. I hope you enjoy!

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