Fraser Sweatshirt from Sewaholic patterns review

            Third scheduled make of November is finally ready! It’s been up to 3 weeks since I finished my Fraser Sweatshirt by Sewaholic patterns. However, I now managed to post my review on this beautiful pattern.
              Fraser Sweatshirt is a quite close fitting sweater with three variations. I have this pattern in my stash about a year or so but now I finally took some time to sew it!
                I used less fabric than what was required by the pattern. I think that usually patterns require more fabric than the amount of what you’re going to use. This isn’t bad. Actually, I’m very pleased when I have a leftover fabric for another project. I usually bought extra materials just in case! Needless to say that after washing your fabric, it may shrink a bit which means that you should always buy a little bit more!
Fraser sweatshirt by Sewaholic (front/back view of the pattern envelope)
                   I made view A in size 12.  For the main body, the sleeves and the neckband I used black stretch pique fabric which I had in my stash. The fabric was bought from a store in Athens for 6euros/meter (I’m not sure about the price because I have this fabric for such a long time). The floral fabric was purchased from Dragonfly Fabrics, it is a textured ponte di roma and it cost 12pounds/meter (~14,17euros/meter). For the yoke piece you need a really small piece of fabric.
Close up of the fabrics that I used
                 Despite being a quick make, I struggled while tracing it at some point. At the pattern pieces it is written that they include seam allowances. However, while I was tracing the yoke piece I realised that it was noted that it needed 1cm seam allowances instead of 1,5cm which is used for the rest of the garment. Nothing wrong with that. The thing is that it wasn’t noted that this 1cm seam allowances is included or not. That way, I ask 1-2 other seamstresses who have made Fraser sweatshirt before, to clarify this for me. They informed me that this seam allowances are already included. In the middle time, I also asked Sewaholic company and they told me the same thing.
On the left is written “1cm seam allowance” and on the right “1,5cm seam allowance included”

The only alteration I did was that I shorten the sleeves by 5cm each. Other than that, the sweatshirt fits perfectly.

                  In conclusion I would say that I’m happy with the final result. Like I mention before, it is a quick make. I didn’t have any problem following the instructions other than the seam allowances that I mentioned before. I would like to try the other version too. However, next time I may lengthen the body by 5cm or so.
                  Quick, easy and comfortable. I recommend it!
Sewing Pattern: Fraser Sweatshirt bu Sewaholic Patterns, View A
Size: 12
Alterations: I shorten the sleeves by 5cm
Fabric that I use: Stretch pique in black and ponte di roma in pinky shades
Total cost: ~12 euros. (with the price of the pattern included (16euros), the total cost of the garment is 28euros)
                                               Until next time,
           Happy sewing everyone!
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