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Happy New Year!!
               How are you? Did you manage to spend time sewing? For me, I only sew a little during Xmas week and I have to sew since then. Can’t wait to start a new project! Today I would like to share a 2016 project. I still have a few of those to share that I didn’t manage to post about them last year!
                I made not one but two Cleo dungaree dresses! Yay!
              Cleo is the recent pattern release from Tilly and the Buttons. This pattern became really famous and a favourite for most seamstresses. The reason is simple. It is a cute pattern, it flatters everyone and also it is an easy and quick make which is a plus. It comes in two length variations mini or knee length. You can either put dungaree buckles or buttons if you prefer in order to button down the straps. Finally, there is an option to put a pocket in the front upper part, or/and on the front low part or on the back at the hip area. The pattern is labelled as a beginner’s pattern.
             The big plus of the pattern is that requires a very little amount of fabric. Only ~1.10 meter. For the first Cleo, I used the same mid weight fabric that I used for Guise pants (review on this one coming soon!). It is a wool mix suiting fabric in dusty pink and I bought it locally for 3 euros per meter (from tsagrinos). The funny thing is that the buckles were more expensive than the actual fabric (4,50 euros from the local haberdashery).
Wool mix fabric in dusty pink / Dark denim blue fabric
               For the second Cleo I used heavy weight denim which I bought from raftadiko for 8 euros per meter. The truth is that I first bought this denim it in order to make a Brumby skirt by M.Nielsen. Well, the plan changed! Ha ha! I chose to use buckles for this Cleo too.
               When I received the pattern, I start tracing it immediately! I was so excited about this make. The tracing didn’t take much time. I chose to make the mini version, I put the front upper pocket and the hip area pockets on the back.
               I made size 4 which I graded at size 5 on the hip area. It fits me beautifully. It has that loose fitting which is necessary because it allows you to put it through your head. It doesn’t have any other closure other than buckles (or buttons if you choose to put those insted of the buckles). As far as the inside of the garment is concerned, it is faced with the main fabric which in this case it is interfaced.
Back view of denim Cleo
Back view of dusty pink Cleo
              I top stitched the dusty pink Cleo with a grey top stitch thread and for the denim Cleo I used a gold top stitching thread. The grey thread doesn’t show off on that pink is a bit light and washes off. Well, in every project there is something new to learn.
The grey top stitching thread washes off on the pink fabric
              There is a really nice trick that Tilly mentioned in order to avoid back stitching while top stitching the pockets (here is the link to that trick). She actually mentions, not to back stich at the pockets and instead of that pull the upper thread on the back of the fabric. That way, you can easily tight a knot backwards twice to secure it in place. The truth is that it didn’t work for me. Maybe my top stitching thread was quite slippery? I don’t know. The knots untangled so I had to secure it using fabric glue (on the back of the fabric). So maybe at this stage the only thing I would add is after knotting the knots backwards, add a bit of a glue fabric on the knot in order to secure it!
               I really enjoy making this pattern. I’m already planning to make another one for a friend of mine. She really liked it when she saw it on me! I totally suggest you to make one for yourselves! Easy to follow instructions as always with Tilly and also it doesn’t require a huge amount of fabric. Really happy sewing project!
Sewing pattern: Cleo by Tilly and the buttons
Size: 4 graded at 5 on the hip area
Fabric: Wool mix fabric in dusty pink for the first Cleo, dark blue denim for the second one
Notions: 2 buckles pairs in 30mm (mine were from Prym)
Alterations: None
Total cost: ~8.5 euros the pink one, ~14.5 euros the demin one


 Until next time,

Happy Sewing!


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