About Me

Hello there and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Argyro and I live in Greece with my husband and our baby boy. Since I was little I have loved anything creative. From sketching and crochet to making clothes out of fabric remnants for my Barbie dolls. I used to keep a box full of my precious scraps of fabric and threads which I really enjoyed using in order to hand stitch those tiny clothes! When I was growing up, I quit sewing but I stuck with other crafts which I still love doing such as jewelry making, knitting, and crochet.

Sewing came back into my life almost 4 years ago when suddenly I decided to purchase my very first sewing machine! I got inspired to make that move by other sewers (who were only a few back then) and also a few YouTube videos. At first, I started making cute handbags and little projects. I was a bit afraid of making my own garments so I only sew only 3-4 garments during my first 1-2 years of sewing. One of my very first garments that I sew is my leggings that I really love and still enjoy wearing them! The last 1,5-2 years I sew garments regularly and I love it sew much! I have already made so many beautiful garments and I have learned a ton of things but I still learning every day!

The Happy Sewing Blog would be full of sewing inspiration,  sewing pattern reviews and I will share with you my sewing-related thoughts, tips, hacks and lessons learned. I plan to accomplish my goal of a handmade style by building a handmade wardrobe full of clothes that I truly love and wear daily.

If you love sewing as much as I do, I would be soo pleased if you join my sewing journey!

Happy sewing!!