#2018Makenine & New Year’s Re-sew-lutions

A new year has begun and I have already started to think about my new sewing goals and things I want to do differently this year. I have so many amazing ideas and trust me, I want to sew every single sewing pattern out there! Haha!

The new year started with much more work for me. Since January 2018, I started working full time at my job (I had an extra day off) which means 5 days per week or sometimes even more. Unfortunately, working as a nurse isn’t that easy. We don’t have steady shifts. We work during the morning, the afternoon or the night. We could even work for 10 days in a row without any day off. We get those days off afterward but usually we feel excused to do anything. Moreover, my beautiful little boy grows older day by day, now he is 1,5 years old and he requires a lot more attention! Anyway, I don’t want to be crumpy, I just wanted to let you know how I feel and the fact that I do not have as much free time left for sewing as I would love to!

My biggest goal for 2018 is to find the right balance that works for me. I want to balance everything. I want to try my best and don’t be afraid of the lack of time. I would try to keep up with the things I love and enjoy doing such as sewing and blogging. Like I said, I have so many great ideas!

After a full year of sewing on a regular basis, I could say that I now have a lot of handmade items in my wardrobe. I’m proud enough to say that every day I wear at least one me-made item! Having this on my mind, I want to do more selfless sewing this year than last year. My first project for 2018 was a selfless project! I made the Blackwood cardigan by Helen’s Closet for my son’s nanny. I used ponte fabric in a beautiful rich burgundy color.

Another re-sew-lution for this year is learning about garment construction and pattern making as much as I can. In 2017, I drafted my first sewing pattern. Drafting my own patterns and learning pattern making techniques make me really happy! I’m such a nerd! I actually find that stuff fascinating!

To continue, I would say that this year I want to sew smaller projects than bigger, time-consuming projects. As I mentioned before, I don’t have much free time so I want to do satisfying projects that bring joy to myself. This doesn’t mean that I will quit sewing demanding things. I have on my mind a few bigger projects that I will make in 2018. Speaking of smaller projects, I would love to dip my toes into lingerie/swimwear making! Actually, I can’t wait for it!

#2018makenine, Happy sewing blog

So let’s have a look at my #2018makenine list!

1. Joni Knit Track by Style Arc

I need more sportswear in my wardrobe. Actually, I need sportswear that look stylish too. Joni track by Style Arc seems to be a good choice. I imagine them paired with a beautiful lengthen Inari Inari top by Named Clothing.

2.  Mimi Blouse by Tilly and the Buttons

I’m looking forward to this. I think it looks adorable. A few years ago, I attempted making it but I was way too inexperienced to sew anything so I messed it up. Now, I want to try again and make a beautiful Spring version in maybe white broderie fabric.

3.  Ninni Culottes by Named

I bought these on Named Xmas calendar sales and I already have the fabric. They would look adorable paired with an Ogden cami by True Bias and they could totally be a wardrobe stable during those hot days of Summer. Can’t wait to make them!

4.  Lizzie skirt by Sew Over It

I made one last year for my mother but unfortunately came out really unflattering so she never wore it. I blame the wrong fabric choice for the bad results. I used a lightweight silk back then. Funny thing is that despite my failure, I enjoyed the process of making it. The new version I plan to make it using a medium weight wool fabric (for my mother) and a white or navy cotton broderie for my self.

5.  Burda 9349

Are these pants so cute? I want to make a few buttons for my cutie. I’m going to use a snuggly sweatshirt fabric for the colder days and a cotton knit fabric for Summer.

6.  Nadine Shirt by Republique du Chiffon (RDC)

I haven’t used a sewing pattern from RDC before. I have only sewed 2 dresses out of their book “Un ete couture” and I loved them. The downside was that I had to add s.a. to the pattern pieces of the dresses. I hope Nadine shirt will not require adding s.a. I think I have a thing going on for bows lately! I just love them! Looking forward to this.

7.  Rite Blouse by Charm Patterns

Such a cute top. I regret that I didn’t put a pledge when it was on Kickstarter. Anyway, I plan to make it in a beautiful viscose fabric or/and in a lightweight knit fabric. Perfect for Summer!

8.  Goji shorts by Deer and Doe (or smth similar)

I need smth like this in my Summer wardrobe. I just find them quite short and I’m not sure about their shape on me. I have also on my mind Mimi G’s 8558 pre-spring sewing pattern. They have a similar shape but they are longer. I want to be able to wear them daily and not only to the beach! So I don’t want my legs to be exposed. I may use a viscose or a lightweight denim fabric for these.

9. Lingerie or/and swimwear

I think its time for me to dip my toes into lingerie sewing! I haven’t decided the pattern that I’m going to use but it may be from the “The secrets of sewing lingerie” book by Katherine Sheers and Laura Stanford. I have this book for at least 2-3 years but I wasn’t brave enough to make anything from it! When I say lingerie I’m thinking of knickers and brallets!

As far as you can see, there is not even one dress on my make nine list! Wowww! Is that really impressive!? Haha! I could sew dresses for ages if I could and this could be work perfect for my dream wardrobe but not for my real wardrobe! So I decided against my will. I plan to sew more useful items this year. Making separates will help me mix and match them in order to create different looks!









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