How are you? Have you start your sewing projects for 2017? Have you planned them?
Today I would like to share my #2017makenine plans! Are you aware about this project? This is actually an idea of Rochelle New (here is her blog) and if I’m right this is the second year that this project runs. What is it? Basically, you put a few goals – actually nine goals!- for the upcoming year. You have to choose nine projects that you would love to make during this year! It isn’t necessary your projects to be sewing related, they could be knitting, crocheting etc whatever you prefer! Would you like to learn more about my #2017makenine goals? Lets start then!
My #2017makenine picks

Ginger jeans by Closet Case Files

             Aren’t they lovely? I had my eye on them for so long. Unfortunately, I wasn’t brave enough to make them earlier. Now, I’m feeling a little bit more confident than the past months. At the end, it is just sewing! It isn’t the end of the world if something goes wrong! In case they don’t turn out as I plan them to, I will try making them again! Hooray! Be confident guys!!
Mona jacket by Wear Lemonade

            Sooo in love with this one! I have already watched the “Make my lemonade” sewalong video on You Tube (haven’t seen it yet!? here is the video) and it seams to be a quite “easy” make! I haven’t decided yet the fabric that I’m going to use..however, I would looove to make one during this year!
Talvikki sweater by Named Patterns
             Does it look like a super comfy and warm sweater!? It seams to be a versatile piece for everyday! I feel that I should add a few versatile pieces in my wardrobe this year and stop thinking only about new dresses! I think that a  fleecy Talvikki could be awesome during this time of the year!
Lila jupe by Wear Lemonade (Lila skirt)
         Looove it! What more can I say about Wear Lemonade patterns? All of their patterns are amazing! As far as the skirt pattern is concerned, I love the shape, the snaps on the front, everything! The funny thing is that at first I didn’t like the Lila skirt! Something about the front part of the skirt, didn’t look right to me! Silly me! The skirt is fab! Can’t wait to make it!
Polly straight  skirt by Named Patterns
Polly straight skirt by Named Patterns

Another Named pattern on the list! The truth is that I want to make a leather/ leatherette skirt for such a long time! That’s why I put it on my #2017makenine! I’m thinking of making it in a fun color (I hope I won’t choose black at the end! Ha ha!) and also I plan to shorten it a bit.

Aldaia dress by Pauline Alice
ALaia dress by Pauline Alice


Have you checked the new pattern release from Paulice Alice? Such a beautiful pattern. It is a knit dress which comes with a lot of variations. It comes with 3 different bodices, 3 different skirts and 3 sleeve variations to mix and match! Doesn’t this sound awesome? I’m looking forward to make the dress using the wrap bodice, full skirt and the short sleeve! What do you think?

Moneta by Colette patterns
             Another knit dress! I also wanted this for such a long time! The thing is that the dress doesn’t have any opening in the front in order to make breastfeeding easier. That is why I haven’t made it yet. However, I have an idea on my mind, I just hope that it will work! Stick with me, it is coming soon!
Chamisier Suzon by Republique du chiffon
              This is totally a spring make! Isn’t it? I enjoy trying different pattern designers in order to see the differences between them as far as the instructions or the pattern itself is concerned in general. I find this really interesting. So Chamisier Suzon is a beautiful shirt with the yoke ruffles which I found not only fresh but also girly and romantic. Love it! Can’t wait to make it!
Waver Jacket by Papercut Patterns
             Last but not least is this lovely jacket! I’m feeling a bit embarrassed because I have this pattern for so long but I haven’t manage to make it yet. I probably have it in my stash for about at least 2 years! I’m so inspired about this make! I would love to make a fresh, modern and girly version of it! I have already considered the fabric choice for the jacket..I hope that it will work (fingers crossed)!
            That is for now guys! I hope that I inspired you just a little bit! If you haven’t got involved with this project yet, you could join us now! Let’s build a versatile wardrobe during 2017 and get inspired together!
                                                                                                                                  Until next time,
                                                                                                                                         Happy sewing!

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